Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Custom Second Life Clothing Mesh Design! Avastar , Zbrush and Blender!

Been a long time since the last post this work is for a new brand of clothing custom designed for Alias Wear Fashions. The name brand of the clothing will have a new name that is also besides the store brand called Babygirl Inc.  Each and every new mesh for this brand will be compatible with slink physique bodies as well other slink accessories. Please take a look and like the Alias Wear facebook page as well the Bigbear Mesh Design FB page.

This hoodie was  was made for Slink Physique bodies out of mesh and will also be available for the standard Second Life avatars as well. This is custom for Alias Wears new line of clothing for the Babygirl Daddy Dominant grid mongers .... Joking it can be worn by anyone that wants a college girl style in Second Life.                                                               

It will be available in many different textures as well as a fat pack with a texture changing heads up device and scripting.

 I included the development photos as I worked on this piece and will show you on this blog the rigging and skinning process I followed as well !

Below are more examples and if you want custom designs for your store that can be arranged including all UVs, Shadow maps, Normal Maps, and even texture maps if needed. 
             To see more of custom designs please join the bwelow fb pages as well as flicker  feeds that will be added to this blog. Alias Wear Group, Bigbear Mesh Design, Bigbear Inkpen Design on Flikr!

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